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The town of classical Roman, old-Croatian, Romanesque, and Renaissance architecture. Well-known for sport and shipbuilding industry. Situated 45 kilometres from Brela. A half-day or one-day excursions by boat or bus.


The best preserved medieval town on the east part of the Adriatic Sea.  Inscribed on the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO (list of the world most important rarities; distance cca. 60 km).

Island of Hvar

Hvar lies on 15 nautical miles opposite Brela. The town of Hvar is the biggest resort on the island, rich in Romanesque and Renaissance buildings, as well as in Mediterranean spirit. It is named Croatian Madeira. The town of Jelsa, the second biggest on the island, is famous for its Dalmatian wines. One-day excursions.


The medieval town situated in the hinterland of Brela (mountain Biokovo), next to the rich fertile valley (Imotsko polje) with well maintained vineyards. Famous for Modro Jezero (The Blue lake) and Crveno Jezero (The Red lake).  Situated at the distance of 40 kilometres from Brela, it offers completely different mood form the area on the coast. Half-day excursions by bus.


Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and baroque town – all in one, the pearl of the Adriatic Sea. Situated in the southest part of Croatia, 180 kilometres from Brela.


World famous sanctuary. Distance from Brela: only 70 kilometres. Tourist staying in Brela are highly recommended a half-day or one-day excursion by bus, while the pilgrims to Međugorje are recommended to stop in Brela.


The medieval town, situated on the coast and in the picturesque canyon of river Cetina, only 20 kilometres from Brela. Five kilometres from it, along the canyon of Cetina, you will find "Radmanove Mlinice", the vacation area, famous for the bread made under the iron pan and fresh trouts.


Take a journey to discover the Biokovo Natural Park. You will be amazed by the numerous panoramic viewpoints from which the most beautiful views over the adjacent villages at the foot of the mountain and over islands. It is advisable that you go exploring in organized groups with a professional guide. Individual hiking is also possible. A map of the hiking trails can be requested from the Brela Tourist Board. There are numerous rare and endangered herbs in the Biokovo Natural Park so you are kindly asked not to pick or destroy them or their habitat. You should also not frighten or kill any of the animals and take care not to damage their habitats.
Free climbers can find additional information at the Brela Tourist Board office regarding climbing directions but they use them at their own risk.


For centuries situated on the crossroads of different civilizations. Each of them has weaved into it a part of its particularities.

Rafting, canyoning

Rafting and canyoning are adventures that last for only 3-4 hours, but you talk about them for years. Many tourists, amazed by the beauty of the river Cetina and adrenaline caused by rafting and caneoing, come back to this adventure as soon as they have some free time.

Fish picnic

An excursion for those who like the sea, its beauty and the typical Dalmatian atmosphere: sun-bathing, swimming, singing, good local wine, and fresh roast fish.

Krka Waterfalls

The river Krka and its 7 waterfalls create a natural and rocky soil phenomenon with the total fall of 242 metres. Krka became Nature park in 1985 and it is the 7th Nature park in Croatia. It is famous for numerous lakes and waterfalls (cca. 125 km).


Island abounds in nature beauties of particular attractions, worth visiting. In the vicinity of the town Korčula there is archipelago of around twenty uninhabited small islands overgrown with thick underbrush.

Plitvice lakes

The most eminent and the most visited of all eight nature parks in Croatia. They are the only natural heritage in Croatia inscribed in 1979 on the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, among the first in the world (cca. 290 km).

Island of Brač

The largest of the Dalmatian islands. It is 40 km long with a total surface area of 395 km2. We can distinguish two areas here:  the lower coastal part around the island and the higher mountain part on which the highest mountain of the Adriatic islands ascends – Vidova gora (778 m). There are full-day excursions to a variety of places on the island.


The town of Makarska is the center of the Makarska Riviera, the tourist pearl of the Adriatic. Visit the city's parks, the city's museums, St. Mark's Church, the Franciscan Monastery and the beautiful beaches.

Source: Brela Tourist Board

Brela is a well-known tourist resort of Makarska Riviera, even years from the former state, when they were tourist mecca for visitors from Western Europe, especially Germans and Italians. Brela his popularity as a tourist destination thanks to the ideal combination of relief and climate. Post office, bank and shops are located in the center, so you have everything you need.